Greek Grammar

Simple Past (verb: to be)

Simple Past (verb: to be) Ήμουν                                Ι was Ήσουν                              you were Ήταν                              he/ she/ it was Ήμασταν                           we were Ήσασταν …
Greek Grammar

Simple Future verb: to be

Simple Future (  verb: to be) θα είμαι                                                  Ι will be θα είσαι                                                  you will be θα είναι                                              he/ she…
Greek Grammar

Simple Present (verb: to be)

Simple Present (verb : to be) (εγώ) είμαι                                                Ι am (εσύ) είσαι                                             you are (αυτός/ αυτή/αυτό) είναι                   he/she/ it is…