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I’m Dimitra, the proud founder, and your expert guide in Greek education. As a devoted mother myself, I understand first-hand how crucial it is to trust your child’s teacher and to ensure that they receive the best education possible. With a solid background as a GCSE and A-Level expert, I’m passionately committed to helping you and your child reach the pinnacle of success in their educational journey. Together, we’ll chart a path to their academic achievements, tapping into their fullest potential.

Beyond teaching, my roles extend as an exams officer and a mentor to fellow educators. It’s an honour to guide them as they dive deeper into the world of education, sharing insights and feedback from observed lessons. Additionally, I’m a contributing author to various academic publications, including the Adelaide Literary Magazine based in New York.

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Over the years, I’ve fine-tuned my expertise in readying students for GCSE, A-Levels, and Ellinomatheia exams. As an officially recognized examiner for both GCSE (Modern & Classical Greek) exams and the Certificate of Attainment in Greek, I uphold the highest standards in gauging and uplifting language proficiency.

I’m currently crafting a comprehensive guidebook tailored for Greek A-level exams, drawing from both my professional experience and my understanding as a mother. Because I firmly believe in the power of knowledge and embracing opportunities, I’m excited to bring you and your child top-tier training, tools, and thought leadership. Let’s navigate this incredible journey of growth and discovery together!

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