About Dimitra

Welcome to my world of diverse qualifications and expertise! I’m excited to share my journey and the skills I’ve gained along the way. With a passion for teaching and a solid academic background, I’m here to create an engaging and nurturing learning experience.

I’ve delved into the world of academia, earning an M.Sc. in Modern & Contemporary History and a Bachelor of Arts in Classics with a focus on Medieval & Modern Greek Studies. These studies have given me a strong foundation to support my students effectively.

One of my personal accomplishments is my thesis titled “From the “Triumph” to the “Conviction”: Analysing the United Opposition in Government (1920-1922)”, which received a high grade. This experience taught me the value of dedication and hard work.

My commitment to learning continued with a Diploma in English History and Freelance & Feature Writing from the reputable London School of Journalism, UK. These experiences have honed my writing skills, which I love to share with my students.

Meet My Team



Hello! My name is Anna Mari and I’m a certified bilingual teacher (Greek and English as a Second Language) with 7+ years of experience in the USA and Greece. I have completed my Undergraduate Degree at the University of Patras majoring in Primary Education in the Greek language. Also, I have furthered my studies by obtaining certification for English as a Second Language (TESOL/TEFL).
To be more specific, I have worked as a Greek as a Second Language teacher for both young and adult students in Chicago, Illinois, both in the private and public sectors. In Greece, I have taught English as a Second Language to native Greek speakers of all ages.
Teaching has always been my passion and it is with great joy that I have the opportunity to offer my expertise through MyGreekTutor to students across the board!



Hello! I’m Ero, and I was both born and raised in northern Greece. I graduated from the Department of Greek Philology at the University of Thrace, specializing in Classical Studies—focusing on Ancient Greek Language and Latin. Subsequently, I pursued further studies in the realm of Modern Greek literature, undertaking a master’s degree programme. It was during this time that I recognized the significance of imparting Greek language skills to adults, teenagers, and children. My teaching experience flourished in a multicultural setting in Barcelona during an Erasmus Internship, complemented by a year-long residence in France. My enthusiasm thrives when connecting with individuals eager to learn about my language and culture. I am dedicated to guiding you through this enriching journey of discovery and enjoyment. Fluent in English and French, I also indulge in dancing and painting. Naturally, engaging in discussions about art, travel, and diverse cultures brings me immense joy.



My name is Alexandra Karouzou, and I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was 8 years old. I am Greek-Canadian, so I am a bilingual speaker and very interested in (and proud of!) both cultures, traditions and languages that make me, me. I have studied Translation and TESOL, and I have participated in many seminars and workshops over the years. I have been teaching for 14 years and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. I strongly believe that all students have the abilities to master a language, and I love helping them unlock their potential. My students have described me as “kind, patient and sometimes funny”.



I, Athanasios Vlitas, possess a notably broad academic background and an equally extensive professional experience in the fields of Culture, Education, and Human Rights. I am a graduate of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. I hold postgraduate degrees in World Heritage Conservation from the University College of Dublin, Risk Analysis & Decision Support from Stockholm University, and Law & Society from Umea University. Furthermore, I have conducted doctoral research in Intercultural Relations and Museum Education at the Université libre de Bruxelles. Currently, I serve as a permanent History Professor in Secondary Education, all while actively engaging in cultural affairs as the President of the Board of Directors for the Society of Spartan Studies.