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Category: Greek Grammar

Possessive Pronouns

The words Sing.“ δικός(m), δική(f), δικό(n) ” (own/mine/ yours etc) Plural δικοί(m), δικές(f), δικά (n) is used to express possession emphatic. These words are used before the possessive pronouns mentioned above and behave as adjectives which means that they agree in gender, number, case with…

Spelling exercises

Greek Grammar Nouns Complete the following sentences with the appropriate noun phrases ο φίλος – οι φίλοι – η φίλη -τα φύλλα – Ο Γιάννης είναι ______________  μου – Το φθινόπωρο ______________  των δέντρων κιτρινίζουν και πέφτουν – Όλοι ______________  μου είναι Έλληνες -______________  μου…

Feminine nouns in – ος

There is a subgroup of feminine nouns ending in –ος , exactly like masculine nouns. There are only a few feminine nouns ending in –ος   η μέθοδος [method], η οδός [ street], η είσοδος [ entrance] η έξοδος [exit],   η παράγραφος [paragraph], η παράμετρος …

Adjectives- endings

Adjectives While in English an adjective doesn’t change when the noun changes, in Greek an adjective should agree in gender and number with the noun. So adjectives have a masculine, a feminine, and a neuter form. Endings:  ος-η-ο Singular Plural   Ending in –   ος -α -ο If…