The Use of Simple Present in Greek

If you are learning Greek and still struggle with the use of Simple Present in Greek please read below.

The simple present

The simple present generally describes an action, an event or condition that takes place in the present.

The simple present is used:

to describe an action, an event or condition that is occurring at the moment of speaking

Τώρα διαβάζω την εφημερίδα. I am reading the newspaper now.

to express general truths

Η γη γυρίζει γύρω από τον ήλιο. The earth rotates around the sun.

to show a habit, repetition or continuity

Πάω στο σχολείο κάθε μέρα. I go to school every day.

Μένω στην Ελλάδα. I live in Greece.

to refer to an action or an event that will certainly occur in the near future

Φεύγω για Ιταλία αύριο. I am leaving for Italy tomorrow.

– to describe events taken place in the past in order to make them more vivid (historical present)

Ενώ πάει στο κατάστημα, κάποιος την σταματά. While she was going to the shop, someone stops her.

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