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Rhodes history

Pindar and other ancient writers are very detailed in the description of Rhodes in their manuscripts. The origins of Rhodes are connected to a divine myth about Zeus (leader of the ancient Greek gods) and Helios (god of the Sun). According to this myth, after…

More happy thou, performing Member- Cavafy

[More happy thou, performing Member]        More happy thou, performing Member,Who hast not need of wit’s keen temper;Thou standst on every side possessedOf what Parnassus boasts as best.On thy right sits, chief in wisdom’s college,Profound experience crowned with knowledge.And further on, historic lore,With erudition’s ample store.Third…

Manos Hatzidakis, a Greek composer

Ο Μάνος Χατζηδάκης ήταν  κορυφαίος Έλληνας συνθέτης. Eίναι βραβευμένος με Βραβείο Όσκαρ. To πιο γνωστό του τραγούδι είναι:Χάρτινο το Φεγγαράκι (Τhe paper moon) Listen hear: Vocabulary Κορυφαίος=top Eίναι βραβευμένος=he is awarded Βραβείο=award You can also read: 5 must-know Greek verbs Are you looking for…