How to write a formal letter in Greek- step by step approach

Your English friend, Nick wants to enroll in a Greek school to learn Greek. The headteacher, Mrs. Andreou, asked Nikos to write about himself. Nikos is an absolute beginner in Greek and asked you to write a letter for him.

Write a formal letter to the headteacher about your friend. You have to include the following information.

  • Who is Nick
  • How old he is
  • Why Nick wants to learn Greek
  • Where he is from/ his nationality
  • His place of residence
  • Where he works
  • His hobbies.

How to write a formal letter in Greek/ step by step approach

  1. Underline the key words.
  2. Make your plan by answering the questions briefly


  1. Nick είναι ένας νέος μαθητής =Nick is a new student
  2. O Nick είναι …… χρονών.
  3. Ο Νick θέλει να μιλάει ελληνικά γιατί ο πατέρας του είναι από την Ελλάδα.
  4. Είναι από την Αγγλία. H εθνικότητά του είναι αγγλική.
  5. Ο τόπος διαμονής του είναι….
  6. Δουλεύει σε ……
  7. Του αρέσει……. Τα ενδιαφέροντά του είναι…..Απολαμβάνει..

Once you have underlined the key words and made your plan, follow the steps below:


1. Salutation

  • Dear +Sir/ Madam+ title, Dear headteacher

 Αγαπητέ κύριε διευθυντή [ for men], Αγαπητή κυρία διευθύντρια

 [ for women],

Very formal, recipient has a special title that must be used in place of their name

  • Dear + Sir/ Madam + surname, Dear Sir Andreou, Dear Mrs. Andreou

Αγαπητέ κύριε Αντρέου[ for men], Αγαπητή κυρία Αντρέου[ for women]

2. The purpose of your letter.

  • We are writing to you regarding…/ I am writing to you regarding….

Σας γράφουμε σχετικά με…+ noun / Σας γράφω σχετικά με + noun       [τον φίλο μου, Νick= my friend, Nick]

Formal, to open on behalf of the whole company/ school

  • We are writing in connection with…/ I’m writing to you in connection with…

Σας γράφουμε αναφορικά με…+ noun/ Σας γράφω αναφορικά με + noun

Formal, to open on behalf of the whole company/school

3. Show your feeling

 We are very excited about it./ I’m very excited about it.

Είμαστε πολύ ενθουσιασμένοι γι’ αυτό./ Eίμαι πολύ ενθουσιασμένος/η γι’αυτό.

4. Main Body/ It depends on the info the exercise asks for

5. Conclusion

If you need any additional assistance, please contact me.

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες, παρακαλώ επικοινωνήστε μαζί μου.

Formal, very polite

Thank you in advance…

Σας ευχαριστούμε εκ των προτέρων/ Σας ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων

Formal, very polite

6. Closing

Yours faithfully,

Με φιλικούς χαιρετισμούς,

Formal, recipient name unknown

Yours sincerely,

Μετά τιμής,

Formal, widely used, recipient known

Respectfully yours,

Με εκτίμηση,

Formal, not widely used, recipient name known

Kind/Best regards,

θερμοί χαιρετισμοί,     Your full name

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