Greek Grammar

The verb βρίσκω in the Simple Present & Future

Simple Present                                     Simple Future βρίσκω (I find)                                     θα βρώ  (I will find) βρίσκεις (you find)                               θα βρεις  (you will find)…
Greek Grammar

The verb πίνω in the Simple Present & Simple Future

Simple Present                                   Simple Future πίνω (I drink)                                       θα πιώ (I will drink) πίνεις (you drink)                                 θα πιείς (you will drink)…
Greek Grammar

The verb τρώω in the Simple Present & Simple Future

Simple Present                                    Simple Future τρώω (Ι eat)                                         θα φάω (I will eat) τρως ( you eat)                                    θα φας ( you…
Greek Grammar

The verb λέω in the Simple Present & Simple Future

Simple Present                                 Simple Future λέω (Ι say)                                        θα πω (I will say) λες (you say)                                    θα πεις (you will say) λέει…
Greek Grammar

Simple Future verbs in -ώνω

Verbs ending in -ώνω make the Simple Future in -ώσω     Simple Present                                         Simple Future πληρώνω Ι pay                        θα…