Using two verbs together

Because there is no infinitive in Greek, if you want to say I want to go; can we do?; they want to know etc., you link the two verbs together using the word  να, e .g. Θέλω να πάω I want to go (lit. I want that I go); Μπορούμε να κάνουμε; Can we do….?; Θέλουν (ε) να ξέρουν (ε) They want to know (lit. They want that they know).

Note that the endings of both verbs have to change to indicate the subject of each action i.e. who is wanting and who is going etc.

That means that it’s easier in Greek to say θέλω να πας Ι want you to go (lit. I want that you go); θέλουν(ε) να ξέρει They want him to know, etc. by changing the ending of each verb.

  • A new challenge for you! Make completed sentences in Greek
  1. I want to speak Greek
  2. They want him to speak English
  3. I like to live in Winchester
  4. I don’t like him to go.
  5. They want you to go to school
  6. We want you to go to the supermarket
  7. You want her to work in an office.
  8. My father likes me to learn Greek
  9. They can speak Greek
  10. They want to have a house.

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