Tips for great learning activities

If you are a Greek language teacher try to use the following learning activities to make the class more interactive and efficient

A learning activity is the unit into which the teaching of a class is broken down. Learning activities work best when there are guides for planning for the class, the class itself and for assessing how effective the class is.

These can be broken down into three different categories of learning activities: preview activities, focused learning activities and expansion activities.

  • Preview activities allow pupils to begin to prepare for class. This preparation is crucial because it allows pupils to become familiarised with the concepts or content of the class.- journaling, problem-solving, presentation, brainstorming, planning.
  • Focused learning activities are where the main learning takes place. They can be run on their own, but they work best when they are supported by preview and expansion activities. – cooperative learning, debates, interactive lectures, guest speakers or consultants.
  • Expansion activities are activities that can be performed either at home or in class.- self-study, reading, service-learning.

Characteristics of great learning activities

These activities are designed to help support learning. In order to do this, they should reflect the stated course learning outcomes. Similarly, all course learning outcomes should be supported by the learning activities.

It is important for the learning activities that you choose to serve a real purpose. This purpose should be explicit or easily explained. If pupils do not understand why they are participating in these activities, the activities will rarely be successful.

It is important that all learning activities truly focus on learning. Every component of the activity should help the pupils move toward a greater goal: the intended learning outcome.

The learning activity you choose should support the right type of learning for the learning objectives.

A great activity will allow pupils to achieve a proper balance between the content of the lesson and the skills that accompany the lesson.

Pupils will have different styles of learning. This is a natural part of a classroom environment. A great learning activity will keep those styles in mind and cater to as many different styles as possible rather than focusing on one learning style.

The efficacy of a learning activity must be measured. The best way to do this is to incorporate assessment into the activity itself.

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