The present participle

The present participle (the participle of the simple present of the active voice) is an uninflected form of the verb which is formed by the present stem of the active voice and the endings –οντας or -ώντας.

In the sentence the present participle has an adverbial function and may indicate manner, cause, condition. The active voice verbs have participles that work like gerund does

Μαθαίνεις διαβάζοντας. You learn by reading.

Formation of the present participle

The verbs γράφω (write) and αγαπώ (love) are used as examples:

Find the present stem of the active voice of the verb.

Group A verb             Group B verb

γράφ-ω                       αγαπ

Place after the stem the following endings:

for group A -οντας for group B -ώντας Group A

γράφοντας                     αγαπώντας


Μιλάει κοιτώντας μέσα στα μάτια μου

She/he is speaking looking into my eyes

Μπορείς να το κάνεις προσπαθώντας πιο πολύ

You can do it by trying more

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