The expression Τα λέμε !

Ta λέμε! See you, Lit. Talk to you!

Greeks actually talk all the time, arranging to get together or speaking frequently over the phone. When they finish a conversation and want to conclude with See you or See you soon, they actually say Talk to you! Therefore, you don’t need the word to see [ βλέπω] but actually the word to talk [ λέω= to say, to tell]. For this expression, you conjugate the verb ‘to say’ in the we-form: λέμε. Τhen just add τα in front of the verb which is a personal pronoun meaning them [ the things]


Tα λέμε μετά/ αργότερα! See you later/ Talk to you later!

Tα λέμε αύριο! See you tomorrow!/ Talk to you tomorrow!

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