The expression:Θα τα πούμε!

Θα τα πούμε! See you, Talk to you!

Θα τα πούμε is another way to say See you (soon)!, and has exactly the same meaning as Tα λέμε!. But why does it sound so different? Well you actually use the same verb but this time in the future tense! So instead of ‘we talk’, now you say ‘we will talk’. Since it is an irregular verb, it really sounds different in the Future Tense.

Examples: Θα τα πούμε την Τετάρτη! See you/ Talk to you on Wednesday!

Θα τα πούμε απόψε! See you/ Talk to you tonight!

Vocabulary you can use to make an appointment

For both expressions: Τα λέμε & Θα τα πούμε, you actually do not know if you will see the other person soon or just talk on the phone soon. It does not really matter since it is getting in touch that really counts.

However, if you want to make sure that you will see or meet your friend again, then you have to make it clear by specifying the place or the time!

Example: Λοιπόν, τα λέμε απόψε στις 8 στο σπίτι μου! Εντάξει;So, see you tonight at 8 at my place! Ok?

It’s worth mentioning the expression Eις το επανιδείν as well [literally to the seeing again!]. This is another way to say I hope to see you soon again especially when saying goodbye to somebody for a longer time. Είς το επανιδείν  comes from the Ancient Greek language and is the Greek equivalent to French Au revoir!  However, this is a very formal and rather old-fashioned expression used mostly as farewell phrase by people who know that it will be a very long time before they meet again, most probably because they live far from each other.

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