The expression:Θα δούμε!

Θα δούμε! We will see!

This expression means we will see and does come from the verb ‘βλέπω’[  to see]. Here it’s used in the we-form, in the future tense: θα δούμε!

So, when can you use the expression Θα δούμε!

a) You can use this expression literally in the meaning of ‘to see’, ‘to watch’

Απόψε θα δούμε μία ταινία στην τηλεόραση. Tonight, we will watch a film on TV.

Αύριο θα δούμε την αδερφή σου στις 8 η ώρα. Tomorrow, we will see your sister at 8’o clock.

Of course, this is a normal verb and you can also use it for every person, so not only in the we-form. You can find the conjugation here below.

b)It can also mean to think about something

Actually it has the same meaning as in the English ‘We will see’ or ‘We will think about it’ or ‘ Let’s wait and see what happens’.

Example The child asks his parents: Θα πάμε σινεμά απόψε; ‘Are we going to the cinema tonight?’. His parents are not sure if they will (or they want to avoid the discussion), so they reply Θα δούμε!  We will see/ or We will think about it!

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