Talking about what you like and dislike in Greek

The Greek for I like …(Μου αρέσει) literally means To me is pleasing. To say what you like and don’t like, you use the same group of words as for expressing possession, since μου, σου, etc. can mean to me, you, etc. To say you like more than one thing, you use Μου αρέσουν(ε)…( lit. To me are pleasing). To talk about not liking something δεν is placed before μου, σου, etc.

μου αρέσει/* μαρέσει         Ι like

σου αρέσει/* σαρέσει      you (singular/informal) like

του αρέσει                           he likes

της αρέσει                           she likes

μας αρέσει                          we like

σας αρέσει                         you (plural/formal) like

τους αρέσει                       they like

Unlike in English, in Greek, the thing/person that is liked is the subject of the verb, and when you’re using the noun, it comes after μαρέσει etc, along with its definite article

*μου and σου are often abbreviated to μ & σ


Μου αρέσει ο μουσακάς Ι like moussaka. To me is pleasing the moussaka.

Μου αρέσει το τσάι Ι like tea.

Μου αρέσει η λεμονάδα Ι like lemonade

Μου αρέσει ο καφές I like coffee

Mου αρέσει ο Γιώργος I like George

Δεν μου αρέσει η Μαρία. Ι dont like Maria

To say you like more than one thing, you use Μου αρέσουν(ε)The final -ε is optional. ( lit. To me are pleasing).

μου αρέσουν(ε)                   Ι like (them)

σου αρέσουν(ε)        you (singular/informal) like (them)

του αρέσουν(ε)                       he likes (them)

της αρέσουν(ε)                        she likes (them)

μας αρέσουν (ε)                      we like (them)

σας αρέσουν(ε)                    you (plural/formal) like (them)

τους αρέσoυν                           they like (them)


Του αρέσουν οι κεφτέδες. He likes meatballs

Σας αρέσουν οι ελιές; Do you (plural/formal) like olives?

Δε μας αρέσουν οι μπανάνες.We dont like bananas

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