Spelling Tips

The difficulties in spelling of words which sound the same can be greatly reduced if one follows some simple basic rules. Spelling can be made easier through grammar.

The final /ο/
Only nouns end in -o. The ending -ω is found mainly in verbs.
Other words ending in -ω are: a. Νames of women (Βαγγελιώ, Ρηνιώ, Κλειώ, Μυρτώ) b. The adverbs εδώ, πάνω, κάτω, έξω, πίσω, γύρω

The final /i/

(να/θα) τρέχει να/θα/έχει/είχε τρέξει
το παιδί
η/την κόρη τον /του αθλητή
οι άνθρωποι οι μέθοδοι
τα μεγέθη

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