Slang words: How to Describe Someone Positively

είμαι γάτα (íme gáta)

Literally meaning “to be a cat.” But when it’s used as a slang expression, it means “to be sly as a fox / sharp as a tack/to be good at something.”

Use this slang expression when you want to compliment yourself or others for being smart and cunning.


Πώς το βρήκες; Mπράβο! Είσαι γάτα!

Ηow did you find it? Well done! You are as sharp as a tack.

κάνω παπάδες (káno papádes)

This literally means “to do priests.” But when it’s used as a slang expression, it means “tο be extremely skillful at something, to do wonders.”

Use this slang expression when you or someone else is really good at something he or she does.


Αυτός μαθαίνει 5 γλώσσες! Κάνει παπάδες !

Ηe is learning 5 languages! He is so skillful!

ξεφτέρι (xeftéri)

Literally meaning “sparrowhawk.” As a slang word, it means “smart, genius.”Use this slang word when referring to a person who is extremely smart, capable, and fast at something. You can also use it ironically to express exactly the opposite.


Ξεφτέρι η αδερφή σου. Λύνει όλα τα μαθηματικά προβήματα.

Your sister is so smart! She solves all math problems

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