Simple future [ verbs in εύω]

Verbs ending in εύω make the simple Future in – έψω

Simple Present εύω
Simple Futureέψω  


Simple Present                                      Simple Future

δουλεύω Ι work                                   θα δουλέψω  Ι will work

δουλεύεις  you work                   θα δουλέψεις you will work

δουλεύει he/she/it works      θα δουλέψει he/she/it will work

δουλεύουμε we work             θα δουλέψουμε we will work

δουλεύετε you work                 θα δουλέψετε  you will work

δουλεύουν they work               θα δουλέψουν they will work

other common verbs like δουλεύω are:

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