Speak Like a Greek Local: Mastering Native Expressions – WEBINAR




Join Our Vibrant Webinar: “Speak Like a Greek Local: Mastering Native Expressions”

Dear Participants,

We are absolutely thrilled to invite you to our exciting and dynamic upcoming webinar, “Speak Like a Greek Local: Mastering Native Expressions.” Perfectly tailored for both beginner and intermediate learners, this engaging session will immerse you deeply in the vibrant tapestry of Greek colloquialisms, helping you converse effortlessly like a native speaker.

🗓️ Date: 13th July 2024
⏰ Time: 4:00 PM UK Time
💻 Platform: Online
💷 Price: £21 for a 2 hour and 30 minute session


Welcome and Introduction

  • Warm overview of the webinar
  • Cheerful introduction to the enthusiastic instructor

Part 1: Greetings and Common Phrases

  • Learn to greet warmly like a Greek
  • Everyday phrases for various social situations

Part 2: Navigating Local Markets and Shops

  • Useful expressions for shopping
  • Understanding local idioms and bargaining tips

Part 3: Dining Out – Ordering and Socializing

  • Phrases for restaurant settings
  • Toasts and expressions of gratitude

Interactive Session: Practice with Peers

  • Breakout rooms for participants to practice expressions

Part 4: Understanding Greek Humour and Wit

  • Discovering humorous expressions and jokes
  • Learning to respond wittily to humour

Q&A and Discussion

  • Open forum for questions
  • Sharing experiences and challenges

Conclusion and Further Resources

  • Recap of key expressions learned
  • Guidance on how to continue learning beyond the webinar

Closing Remarks

  • Thanking participants warmly
  • Information on upcoming webinars and language courses

Please RSVP to secure your spot in this wonderfully enriching experience designed to deepen your delightful understanding of Greek culture and communication.

We eagerly look forward to helping you master the beautiful art of Greek expressions!