Personal Pronouns Weak form

Pronouns replace nouns. Without pronouns, we’d constantly have to repeat nouns, and that would make our speech and writing repetitive.


με   me              e.g. λένε Κώστα. [ lit. They call me Kostas]

σε   you             e.g. Σε αγαπάω. [ Ι  love you]

him  τον            e.g. Toν βλέπω.  [ I see him]

her   την            e.g. Tην προτιμώ. [ Ι prefer her]

it      το              e.g. To ξέρω. [ Ι  know it]


μας   us                                e.g. Mας αγαπάει  [ He loves us]

σας   you                              e.g  Σας βλέπω  [  Ι see you all]

τους   them (for males)      e.g. Toυς μιλάω [ Ι  speak to them]

τις     them ( for females)     e.g. Τις ξέρω     [I know them]

τα     them (for neutral)        e.g. μαθαίνω [ Ι learn them]

Examples :  Αγαπώ την μητέρα μου. Ι love my mother.

Την αγαπώ.   Ι love her.

Μαθαίνω το αλφάβητο. Ι learn the alphabet.

To μαθαίνω. Ι learn it.

Αγαπώ τον Γιώργο. Ι love George.

Toν αγαπώ. Ι love him.

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