Online teaching with Webex

This article is ideal for students who are taking online Greek lessons and for teachers who teaching Greek online.

You have a class of students but not in the traditional sense, they’re all remote and in your Webex virtual classroom. You want to give them the best learning experience you can but
worry about how to get everyone engaged and comfortable in this new style of learning?
No need to worry. Practice makes perfect. Get your students practicing.

1.Establish small working groups:
Split your class into small groups. Create Spaces per group
and simply add each student to their working group.

2.Welcome message:
Create a welcome message and post it in each of the Spaces.

3.The assignment:
Pose a question or give a challenge to each Space and explain that each working group needs to brainstorm together and come up with three solutions before
the next class. Let them know they are supposed to trial Webex to work together.

4.Hints and tips:
Post some hints and tips to the class on how to get the most out of their group Space. Suggest adding files and research material and @Mentioning each other or you to ensure their message is seen.

5.Practice run:
Encourage your students to arrange a practice meeting by themselves. This way they practice with Webex and its features, giving them confidence before they
present to the class. All they need to do is click the Activity button then the Meet icon to call on the fly.

6.Keep your ear to the ground:
Be sure to check the group Spaces periodically. At a glance you can see if any group or individual is struggling and provide the help that’s needed.

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