Nouns (first and second declension feminine) Nominative & Accusative

First declension feminine:
τιμή= honour
sg      nominative     τιμ-ή
accusative      τιμ-ήν
Second declension feminine
λόγος= word (also reason, story)
sg   nominative      λόγος 
      accusative       λόγον
  • As with verbs, it is important to distinguish the stem – which stays the same- from the ending (which changes). Hyphens are used initially.
  • Declension refers to the group a noun belongs to and the way its endings change.
  • The nominative case is used for the subject of the verb while the accusative case for the object.
  • The -ν- is the characteristic ending for the accusative singular.
Common nouns like τιμή
εἰρήνη            peace
ἐπιστολή        letter
κόρη               girl
νίκη               victory
φωνή             voice
πύλη              gate
κώμη             village
Common nouns like λόγος
ἄγγελος         messanger
διδάσκαλος    teacher
θεός                god
ποταμός          river
στρατηγός     (στρατός+ἂγω) general, commander
στρατός          army
σύμμαχος       ally
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