How well do you know Greek slang?

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1.If you’re searching for a casual way to ask your friend about their whereabouts, What is the perfect phrase?

  1. Πού είσαι ρε;
  2. Είσαι οκ?
  3. Tί κάνεις ;
  4. Tί κάνετε;

2.  You can use the following slang phrase Eίμαι κομμάτια! -literally meaning to be pieces- when:

  1. You are exhausted
  2. You are drunk
  3. You didn’t sleep well
  4. All of the above

3. The slang word Έλα means

  1. Come on
  2. Chill out
  3. Cheer up
  4. Take it easy

4.Tα σπάω means:

  1. Ι’m  awesome
  2. I’m drunk
  3. I’m tired
  4. I’m idiot

5.Μαθαίνω ελληνικά [I’m learning Greek] and τραβάω λούκι it means:

  1. I am going through a rough time
  2. I am very tired
  3. I like it so much
  4. I enjoy it.

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