Group A-verbs – Passive Voice

Voices- Verbs

The Greek verb has two voices: the active and the passive.

Active Voice.

Verbs can end in  “-ω” or “ώ” (omega accented)

A verb is in the active voice if its subject is active, that is to say if it does the action.

Eg. : παίζω, αγαπάω, μπορώ

Passive Voice

Passive voice verbs, in the present, usually end with “-μαι“. The Passive Voice is not as commonly used in Greek as it is in other languages. It is used when it is important to emphasize on the action done, or when it is unknown who or what is doing the action. Remember! Not all verbs have a passive voice!

Group A verbs

Active Voice                                                      Passive Voice

ending in –ω                                               ending in – ομαι

 γράφω    I write                         γράφομαι          Ι am written

γράφεις  you write                    γράφεσαι        you are written

γράφει  he/ she/ it writes         γράφεται    he/she/it is written

γράφουμε  we write                γραφόμαστε      we are written

γράφετε    you write                 γράφεστε          you are written

γράφουν    they write             γράφονται       they are written

Common Group A-verbs
διαβάζω = Ι read  –διαβάζομαι = Ι am read
ονομάζω=I call/ give a name  –oνομάζομαι=I’m called
χαρακτηρίζω=I characterize-χαρακτηρίζομαι=I’m characterized πλένω = I wash- πλένομαι= I’m washed (I wash oneself)
γράφω= I write – γράφομαι= I’m written, I enroll        

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