Glossary of Grammar terms Part 1

Accusative case (Αιτιατική πτώση): a case form of nominals. Nominals are morphologically marked for the accusative case when they are complements of verbs and prepositions and when they are used as time adverbials (see also Case: Πτώση) Την Κυριακή θα δω τoν Τεό με την Αγκάθα.

Active voice (Ενεργητική φωνή): a morphological property of verbs which in the first person singular of the indicative present tense end in -ω / -ώ (γράφω, αγαπώ). Τhe subject of the verb in the active voice primarily denotes the agent of the action Εγώ γράφω τραγούδια για τον έρωτα

Adjective (Επίθετο): a word or phrase that modifies or attributes a property to a noun and agrees with it in gender, number and case Τα κόκκινα τριαντάφυλλα είναι ακριβά

Adverb (Επίρρημα): a word or phrase which denotes place (εδώ), time (τώρα), manner (έτσι) etc. and modifies a verb, an adjective, another adverb or a whole sentence Ίσως ο Λάκης κοιμάται ακόμα

Adverbial clause (Επιρρηματική πρόταση): a clause which, similarly to adverbs, denotes time, cause, purpose, result, condition and concession Φεύγω όταν / επειδή έρχεται Αν φύγει η Κλειώ, θα έρθει η Αγκάθα

Adverbial verb form /-ondas/ (Eπιρρηματικός ρηματικός τύπος): a noninflected verb form made of an active verb and the suffix /-ondas/. It has an adverbial function and expresses manner, time or cause of an action Ο Λάκης έφυγε τρέχοντας

Agent (Δράστης): the entity which performs the action of the verb Ο Νίκος ανοίγει την πόρτα

Agreement (Συμφωνία): the relation between two words in a clause, which share a common feature. The subject agrees with the verb in number and person Τα κόκκινα τριαντάφυλλα κοστίζουν (3rd plural) In the noun phrase the article, the adjective and the noun agree with each other in number, gender and case Στις ωραίες γυναίκες αρέσουν τα ακριβά κοσμήματα

Apposition (Παράθεση, Επεξήγηση): the relation between two nouns, positioned one after the other, in the same case Ο φίλος μου ο Λάκης μένει στον ξενώνα «Το σπίτι της Ευρώπης»

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