Glossary Grammar Terms Part 8

Reciprocity (Αλληλοπάθεια): a relation between two or more entities both of which participate in a certain action. It can be expressed by either the medio-passive verb forms or other structures Η Αγκάθα και η Κλειώ συναντιούνται κάθε απόγευμα για καφέ

Reflexivity (Αυτοπάθεια): an action which is performed by the subject of the verb and is directed towards him / herself. It is expressed by medio-passive verb forms or other structures Κάθε πρωί ο Σάκης ξυρίζεται και καμιά φορά κόβεται στο ξύρισμα.

Relative clause (Αναφορική πρόταση): a clause which modifies nouns Η Κλειώ βρήκε τον άντρα που έψαχνε χρόνια.

Relative pronoun (Αναφορική αντωνυμία): a pronoun which is used to introduce relative clauses. The relative pronouns can be either inflected (ο οποίος – η οποία – το οποίο, όποιος – όποια – όποιο, όσος – όση – όσο) or uninflected (που, ό,τι)

Stem (Θέμα): the stable part of an inflected word: άνθρωπ-(ος), ρίχν-(ω). A word can have more than one stem: ρίχν-(ω), (έ)-ριξ-(α)

Stress (Τόνος): the diacritic sign which is positioned over the vowel of the stressed syllable Χάρισέ μου ένα φιλί.

Subject (Υποκείμενο): the subject is the noun phrase which answers the question “who” or “what”. It is marked for the nominative case if it appears in the clause Ο Λάκης κοιμάται πολύ (Ποιος κοιμάται πολύ; → ο Λάκης)

Subjunctive (Υποτακτική): the verb form that is usually preceded by the particle να. In general, it is used to present an event as wanted, expected, intended etc.

Subordinate clause (Δευτερεύουσα πρόταση): a clause that is dependent on or modifies one of the constituents of another clause (see also clause, main clause) Σκέφτεται ότι/ πως/ αν θα τον παντρευτεί

Suffix: a kind of affix. It is always on the end of a stem ανθρωπ-άκι, αλατ-ίζω

Superlative (Υπερθετικός): a form of the adjective denoting that the quality is in excessive mass, represented by -τατος, -τάτη, -τατο Ο Σάκης είναι αποτελεσματικότατος στη δουλειά του.

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