Glossary Grammar Terms Part 7

Particle (Μόριο): an uninflected grammatical word which immediately precedes the verb. The main particles are: να, θα, ας, δεν / μην δεν θα φύγει να μη φύγει.

Perfective aspect (Συνοπτική άποψη): Τhe perfective verb forms present the event described by the verb as a whole, without giving any emphasis to the internal structure of the event (i.e. the phases the event went through) έτρεξα / θα τρέξω / έχω τρέξει στο Μαραθώνιο.

Personal pronoun (Προσωπική αντωνυμία): a pronoun which indicates person (first, second, third). The personal pronouns can be clitic or emphatic (see also clitic and emphatic pronouns) Βλέπεις το Στέλιο; Ναι, αυτόν(emphatic) τον(clitic) βλέπω, δεν βλέπω όμως την Αγκάθα.

Phoneme (Φώνημα): a sound which differentiates the meaning of words in contrasting with other sounds in the same environment /pόnos/ /tόnos/ /kόnos/

Possessive pronoun (Κτητική αντωνυμία): a pronoun which expresses possession. In Greek, possessive pronouns have two forms: the weak form, which is the same as the personal pronoun in genitive and the analytic (ο) δικός μου, (η) δική μου, (το) δικό μου Έχασα το πορτοφόλι μου. Αυτό το πορτοφόλι είναι (το) δικό μου.

Predicate of subject or object (Κατηγορούμενο του υποκειμένου ή του αντικειμένου): an adjective or a noun phrase, which assigns a property to the subject or to the object Ο Νίκος είναι αστυνόμος. Είδα το Λάκη στενοχωρημένο.

Preposition (Πρόθεση): an uninflected word which precedes a noun phrase and helps expressing a variety of meanings: place, time, manner etc. σε, από, με

Prepositional phrase (Προθετική Φράση): a phrase whose head is a preposition and whose complement is a noun phrase usually in the accusative case Ο Πέτρος ζει στην Αθήνα με την Αγκάθα.

Pronoun (Αντωνυμία): a word which is usually inflected and is used in the place of a noun phrase. It can be personal, possessive, relative, indefinite etc. Κάποιος άγνωστος της χάρισε το δικό του cd.

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