Glossary Grammar Terms Part 6

Mood (Έγκλιση): a grammatical category of the verb expressed morphologically or syntactically and associated with characteristic semantic differences. Greek has only three formally distinct moods: the indicative, the subjunctive, and the imperative Ο Nίκος κοιμάται αργά κάθε βράδυ (indicative). Η Αγκάθα δεν μπορεί να κοιμάται αργά κάθε βράδυ. (subjunctive) Νίκο, κοιμήσου λίγο πιο νωρίς απόψε. (imperative)

Nominals (Ονοματικοί τύποι): nouns, adjectives (including participles and ordinal numbers) and pronouns. Κάποιος άλλος σκοτεινός και μυστηριώδης κατάσκοπος
Nominative case (Ονομαστική πτώση): a case form of the nominal. Nominals in the nominative case indicate the subject and/or the subject-predicate. The nominative case is the form listed in the dictionary (see also case) Η Κλειώ, η φίλη της Αγκάθας, είναι πάντα χαρούμενη.

Noun (Ουσιαστικό): a word that denotes a person, a place, a thing, a process, a concept, etc. Nouns are inflected in Greek η Ελλάδα, το σπίτι, το δίλημμα

Noun phrase (Ονοματική φράση): a phrase whose head is a noun and functions as a subject, object or a complement of preposition Το κλειδί χάθηκε. Ο Νίκος έχασε το κλειδί. Ο Νίκος άνοιξε την πόρτα με το κλειδί.

Number (Αριθμός): a grammatical category of nominals and verbs that denotes the number of the entities involved. There are two numbers which are morphologically distinct: singular (ενικός) for a single entity and plural (πληθυντικός) for more than one entities Υπάρχει μόνο ένας Νίκος αλλά πολλοί κλέφτες.

Numerals (Αριθμητικά): words expressing numbers: cardinal numbers (ένα, δυο…) are adverbials and ordinal numbers (πρώτος, πρώτη, πρώτο) expressing order or sequence, are adjectives.

Object (Αντικείμενο): the complement noun phrase which is required by a transitive verb (see also direct and indirect object)

Participle (Μετοχή): a word which is derived from a verb (usually by -μενος) and behaves like an adjective Ο Σάκης είναι θυμωμένος.

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