contracted verbs: πάω, λέω, ακούω, τρώω

Contracted words

There are a few μένω-type verbs whose stem ends with a vowel. These verbs are contracted, i.e. shortened in certain forms, so that the vowel in the ending merges with the one in the stem. The most common of these verbs are: πάω go, λέω say/tell, ακούω listen/hear and τρώω eat. These are set out in full below:


Go                          Say/ tell                           hear/ listen                  eat

πάω    I go         λέω   I say               ακούω Ι hear          τρώω Ι eat

πας     you go      λες   you say         ακούς  you hear      τρως you eat

πάει    he goes   λέει  he says           ακούει he hears       τρώει he eats

πάμε   we go     λέμε  we say           ακούμε we hear       τρώμε we eat

πάτε   you go    λέτε  you say         ακούτε  you hear    τρώτε  you eat

πάνε   they go    λέν(εthey say        ακούν(ε) they hear   τρώνε they eat

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