Continuous Subjunctive

The Subjunctive Mood

In general

The subjunctive mood presents the action or the event as something wanted or expected.It indicates what the subject of the verb wants, can, may, must do or is expecting to do.

It is often used after verbs like θέλω (want), μπορώ (can, may), πρέπει (must), ελπίζω (hope), σκέφτομαι (think of), εύχομαι (wish) etc.

It can be Continuous or Simple Subjunctive. It is used to show continuation (Continuous Subjunctive) or non-continuation (Simple Subjunctive) of the action and not the time aspect (present, past, future)

It is preceded by the particles να [to], για να [in order to], όταν [when], πριν[before], αν [if], ας [ let’s],  να μη(ν) [ not to], μην [ don’t]etc.

Continuous subjunctive

The Continuous subjunctive shows continuation or repetition. The action expressed by the verb is ongoing or repeated.


The Continuous Subjunctive (for active verbs) is formed by:The active verb in the Simple Present form

The particles να, για να, όταν, πριν, αν, ας, αν etc. before the verb or

The particle μη(ν), for prohibitive usage.

Verb in the Simple PresentContinuous SubjunctiveVerb in the Simple PresentConntinuous Subjunctive


Θέλω να τρώω παγωτό κάθε μέρα! – Ι want to eat ice cream every day!

Όταν πίνετεμην οδηγείτε. – When you drink, don’t drive.

Σηκώνομαι νωρίς για να πάω σχολείο. – Ι get up early to go to school.

Θέλεις πάντα να είσαι το επίκεντρο της προσοχής – You always want to be the center of attention.

Για να είσαι καλός μαθητής, πρέπει να διαβάζεις πολύ.-  In order to be a good student, you have to study a lot.

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