Classroom Greek activities for kids

Getting a Group of kids to Pay attention in a classroom is not an easy task. Whether it is a party or inside a classroom, games and activities are the best tools to keep Children engaged. A fun challenging activity can keep them focused on what you are saying.

List of activities

  •       Taboo
Taboo Game Rules
The teacher has made many clue cards which each of them has one clue word. Players are divide up into teams (Team A, Team B, etc). Clue-givers try to describe the clue word to the other teams. Clue-givers may not use any English words including abbreviations or any part of the word. Clue-givers may not use sound effects or use gestures to indicate the clue word. Whoever is shouting will lose a point.

  • Find out the missing letter or word



The teacher has made some flashcards with Greek words with missing letters. Players should write down the missing letter or word. Each team has to make sure that nobody can see their answer. Whoever shouts the answer, loses one point no matter if the answer is correct. Players who make spelling mistakes do not get any point.

  • Becoming a translator
The teacher has created some flashcards with English words. Players have to translate each word into English. The quickest response will win. A student plays the role of the coordinator. It is the coordinator’s job to see who is the quickest and gives the correct answer.

  • Blind artist
This game engages children’s imagination and their ability to describes things in Greek. The teacher has to make sure that there are many sheets of white paper, pencils, pens or sketch pens, drawings or images. They pair the children but do not let them face each other. Then the teacher gives one child a picture or an image. The second child has to recreate the picture while his partner describes it in Greek, without revealing what it is. The idea is to see how accurate the drawing can be when recreate without seeing.

  • dictionary deception
The teacher has made some flashcards with academic Greek words like ιστορία, φιλοσοφία, μαθηματικά, etc. Then they pick a word that none of the students have heard before and ask students to write down what they think the definition of that word is. They collect the sheets and read them out one by one. Each time they do, the class has to consider the meaning and vote. Students get one point every time their definition gets a vote and also if they have written the right definition. The student with the highest number of points wins. Dictionary deception is a rather challenging game that compels students to think about a word’s meaning. It ‘s great for developing high school students’ vocabulary.

  • Blindfold conversation
This game helps children improve their listening skills and stay focused on the voice of another person. Teachers will need cloth for blindfolding and space to play. They have to ask kids to form a circle and then pick one student to be “it” and blindfold her or him. They spin “it” and ask her or him to point. Whoever “it” points at must talk in Greek in a funny voice, without revealing their name. “It” has to guess the name of the student by asking a series of questions in Greek. If “it” rightly guesses who the student is, the student becomes “it”.
  • name, place, animal, thing


Teachers have to write all the 24 Greek letters of the alphabet in a bit of paper and then pick up a paper after mixing the whole lot. Students should write a name(of a human;, an animal, a place and a thing that starts with the letter that the teacher chose. When a player finishes the game he should count till 20 for the other players to finish. The other players should finish before the countdown. For every correct answer, the player is rewarded 10 points for every correct answer. If any two players get a common answer, then 5 points should be rewarded. If the answer is not accepted(eg. if name of the animal does not exist), or if the entry is not given the player is rewarded 0 points. The final points only matter. 

  • Find out the title of the song
Students listen to a Greek song and try to guess the title of the song. The quickest response will win. Teachers need a PC or an audio player. It is an entertaining game that helps students improve their listening skills.
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