Greek for beginners Aπό πού είσαι;

Saying what nationality you are…and where you ‘ re from

 Στην Ελλάδα και στην Κύπρο… In Greece and Cyprus…


You are sure to find yourself in conversation with friendly people who will be very curious to know about you, who you are and where you ‘re from, especially if you speak a little Greek. They, in turn, will be delighted to tell you about themselves. So you will find it useful to know how to talk about yourself- and to ask others a few questions too.


Saying what nationality you are
Key phrases
Eίσαστε Άγγλος/ Αγγλίδα;             Are you English?(m/f)
Ναι/ Όχι                                          Yes/No
Neh/ ohee
Είμαι Σκωτσέζος/ Σκωτσέζα    Im Scottish (m/f)
Eemeh scotsehzos/scotsehza
For a more informal way of saying you are and are you? Replace είσαστε with είσαι eeseh e.g. είσαι Eλληνας; Are you Greek?
Saying where you are from
Key phrases
Από πού είσαστε/ είσαι;  Where are you from? (formal and plural/ informal)
Apo poo eesasteh/eesah
Είμαι από την Αγγλία              I’m from England
Eemeh apo teen angleea
Δεν είμαι από την Ελλάδα        Ι’ m not from Greece    
Dhen eemeh apo teen elladha
The word δεν placed before words like είμαι and είμαστε makes a statement or a question negative.
(Δεν) είμαι από την Αγγλία.      Ι’m not from England
(Δεν) είσατε από την Αγγλία;      Are(n’t) you from England?



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