6 tips for teaching online

The following text is really useful for teachers who are teaching Greek online and for those who are taking online Greek lessons

Create a schedule. Provide a schedule to students and their families or ask students to develop and share one with their teachers. A schedule can help address challenges with time management and self-regulation, which can impede students’ success in online courses.

Schedule time to interact with students. Build in some type of synchronous interaction, such as a video chat or phone call. This interaction is key during the first week of a course to familiarize students with how to contact the teacher. However, continuing the interaction helps keep students engaged and reduces feelings of isolation.

Provide timely feedback. Respond to students promptly via email, phone, or video. Students feel more engaged with the course when they receive timely feedback.

Check that students are engaged. Be clear about how much time students should spend on the course. Then, regularly check students’ progress to identify students who need support. Keep in touch with parents to help students stay on pace.

Consider ALL learners. As in the face-to-face classroom, be sure to consider the diversity of learners, including accommodations, modifications, and differentiation.

Develop a system of supports. Students need support and interaction from online teachers, mentors, parents, and peers to succeed.In our 2020 study, we found that an online asynchronous orientation had no impact on student course outcomes. One reason for that might be that students need more onboarding supports than just one orientation. Consider making counselors, social workers, and administrators available to support students throughout the time they are out of school.

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