Glossary of Grammar Terms Part 2

Article (Άρθρο): the word which precedes a noun and agrees with it in number, gender and case. Articles are either definite or indefinite Ο καλός (ο) μαθητής ένας καλός μαθητής

Aspect (Ρηματική Άποψη): the grammatical category of the verb which indicates whether the action is completed (perfective) or not (imperfective) αγαπ- vs. αγαπησ- / αγαπηθ

Case (Πτώση): nominal forms of the noun phrase (see Accusative, Genitive, Nominative, Vocative). Cases primarily indicate syntactic functions (subject, object) in a clause Ο Nίκος βρήκε τη λύση του μυστηρίου (Nom/Subj) (Acc/Obj) (Gen)

Clause (Πρόταση): a structure with a verb phrase and a lexical subject (see also sentence, main, subordinate, complement, adverbial clauses). In Greek the lexical subject is optional (Ο Τεό) την αγαπάει την Αγκάθα πολύ. Βρέχει πολύ στο Λονδίνο

Clitic pronoun (Κλιτική αντωνυμία): the weak form of the personal pronoun which usually precedes the verb (except for the imperative forms and the adverbial verb form /-ondas/). The clitic pronouns are distinct from their corresponding emphatic forms Βλέπεις τον Τεό; Ναι, αυτόν (emphatic) τον (clitic) βλέπω, δε βλέπω όμως την Αγκάθα

Comparative form (Συγκριτικός βαθμός): the form of an adjective or adverb comparing two entities (people or things) Ο Τεό είναι πιο έξυπνος / εξυπνότερος από τον Λάκη

Complement clause (Συμπληρωματική πρόταση): a clause that is nominal and functions as a complement of verbs, adjectives, nouns and adverbs (see also clause) Θέλω να φτάσει στην ώρα του Το γεγονός ότι φεύγεις δεν μου αρέσει καθόλου

Complementizer (Συμπληρωματικός δείκτης): a conjunction introducing a complement clause: ότι, που, πως, αν… Σκέφτεται ότι/ πως/ αν θα τον παντρευτεί

Compound word (Σύνθετη λέξη): a word made of two stems (representing two other words)καλός + καιρός → καλοκαίρι

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