4 verbs that are passive in form but active in translation

4 very common verbs that are passive in form but active in translation: έρχομαι [Ι come] γίνομαι [ Ι become]  σκέφτομαι [ Ι think]. These verbs do not have active voice.

έρχομαι       Ι come                        γίνομαι   Ι become             έρχεσαι      you come                  γίνεσαι   you become

έρχεται     he/ she/ it comes       γίνεται   he/she/it becomes

ερχόμαστε   we come                    γινόμαστε we become

έρχεστε       you come                    γίνεστε   they become

έρχονται      they come                  γίνονται they become

σκέφτομαι (να)      Ι  think about           εργάζομαι  Ι work

σκέφτεσαι (να)    you think about          εργάζεσαι  you work

σκέφτεται (να)   he/she/it thinks about    εργάζεται  he works

σκεφτόμαστε ( να)  we think about     εργαζόμαστε  we work

σκέφτεστε (να)        you think about    εργάζεστε     you work

σκέφτονται ( να)     they think about  εργάζονται  they work

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