4 Passive verbs in – αμαι.

Τhese verbs have only passive Voice but they are passive in form but active in translation : κοιμάμαι=I sleep, φοβάμαι = I’m afraid, θυμάμαι=I remember, λυπάμαι= I’m sorry

Κοιμάμαι   I sleep                               φοβάμαι   Ι’m afraid

Κοιμάσαι   you sleep                          φοβάσαι   you’re afraid

Κοιμάται    he/she/ it sleeps               φοβάται he/she/it is afraid

Κοιμόμαστε  we sleep                        φοβόμαστε we are afraid

Κοιμάστε    you sleep                         φοβάστε   you are afraid

Κοιμούνται    they sleep                     φοβούνται they are afraid

Θυμάμαι  Ι remember                         λυπάμαι  Ι’m sorry

Θυμάσαι  you remember                    λυπάσαι   you’re sorry

Θυμάται  he/ she/ it remembers         λυπάται he/she/ it is sorry

Θυμόμαστε we remember                 λυπόμαστε we are sorry

Θυμάστε      you remember               λυπάστε you’re sorry

Θυμούνται   they remember             λυπούνται they are sorry

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