3 Slang Expressions Related to Being Angry

βγαίνω από τα ρούχα μου (vyéno apó ta rúha mu) .This literally means “to come out of one’s clothes.” But when it’s used as a slang expression, it means “to become infuriated, to get mad; to become upset.”

Use this slang expression when you become furious about something important. Usually when you’re frustrated because you think you’re right and others don’t.

Example: Βγαίνω από τα ρούχα μου με τις βλακείες που λες!Ι’m getting really mad with all this nonsense you are talking about!

μου τη βιδώνει (mu ti vidóni) literally meaning “it screws it to me.” This comes from many popular Greek sayings that suggest we all have a screw in our head that affects our mood and mental health in general. As a slang expression, it means “it irritates me, it drives me mad.”

Use this slang expression when you want to talk about something that irritates you or drives you mad. This may come out as a very macho thing to say.

Example: Μου τη βιδώνει όταν βλέπω κάποιον να πετάει σκουπίδια  στον δρόμο.

It drives me mad when I see someone throwing trash on the street.

μου ανάβουν τα λαμπάκια (mu anávun ta labákia) which literally means “my lights are being turned on.” As a slang expression, it means “to flip out, to get angry.”

Use this slang expression when something is making you angry or furious

Example: Πρόσεχε τι λες, γιατί μου ανάβουν τα λαμπάκια τώρα! 

Watch your mouth because I’m flipping out right now!

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