3 Expressions Related to Being Shocked

3 Expressions Related to Being Scared or Shocked

μένω κόκαλο (méno kókalo) literally meaning “to remain bone.” But when it’s used as a slang expression, it means “to freeze from shock, fear or surprise.” Use this slang expression when something unexpected happens that leaves you speechless, not knowing what to do, or paralyzed.

Example: Όταν την είδα πεσμένη στο πάτωμα, έμεινα κόκαλο. When I saw her on the floor, I froze.

τα είδα όλα (ta ída óla) This literally means “I saw them all.” But when it’s used as a slang expression, it means “to get very scared, to nearly die.”Use this slang expression when something very scary happens to you – for example, a scary prank or an accident.

Example:  Ρε, όταν πετάχτηκε μπροστά μου ο πεζός, τα είδα όλα. Man, when that pedestrian popped up right in front of me, I nearly died.

κοψοχολιάζομαι (kopsoholiázome) literally meaning “to cut my gall bladder.” As a slang word, it means “to get scared to death.” Use this slang word when something that happens suddenly scares you to death.

Example: Τι αηδίες είναι αυτές; Με κοψοχόλιασες! What is this nonsense? You scared me to death!

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