20 Simple & Fun Ways to Practice Learning Greek

1. Read a news article in Greek.

2. Write a status update or tweet in Greek.

3. Listen to the live feed of a Greek radio station online.

4. Sign up for a Greek pen pal and exchange emails on a regular basis.

5. Cook from a recipe that is written entirely in Greek.

6. Rent a Greek movie and watch it without the subtitles. If that’s too difficult, try turning on the closed captions so that you can see the lines written in the original language, rather than the translated version.

7. Download a trivia app for your smartphone that’s in the Greek language. Still a beginner? Try looking for a children’s version for simpler phrasing.

8. Next time you go to the store, practice writing your shopping list entirely in Greek.

9. Visit a different cultural restaurant and try ordering in Greek

10. Have a partner to study with? Try playing ‘I Spy,’ ’20 Questions,’ or Scrabble in Greek.

11. In a relationship? Come up with some fun pet names for your significant other that are in Greek. Up for a challenge? Practice writing an entire love letter.

12. Check out the Greek music charts, pick a couple songs, and see if you can understand the lyrics. Too difficult? Look up the lyrics online and you’ve got a great translation challenge!

13. Next time you need directions, look them up in the Greek language by going to an international version of the Google Maps site. It’s a great way to learn vocabulary!

14. Join a Greek language Meetup in your area.

15. Finding different cultural or international (Greek)clubs or associations in your area is probably easier than you think. Think outside the box when you’re searching: schools, college campuses, and even churches or other religious organizations can be a great place to look for clubs.

16. What’s your favorite TV show? Chances are it either has a counterpart (like Greek Idol or Survivor) or a dubbed version in a foreign language. Try downloading episodes or look for clips online to watch. Alternatively, you could purchase a DVD set online – just be aware that you may need an international DVD player in order to watch it.

17. ‘Like’ or ‘follow’ an Greek company on Facebook or Twitter. This will infuse your newsfeed with multilingual content.

18. Looking for a fun way to practice vocabulary? Each day, pick a different topic to focus on (e.g., animals, food & drink, or family members) and see how many words you can list for that topic. Each time you make a list, try to list more words than the day before. If you want to take this challenge to the next level, see if you can come up with a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

19. Did you know that official Wikipedias have been created in 285 languages? So if you’re looking for seemingly endless content and articles to browse (on almost any topic), then look no further.

20. Turn your down-time into Greek. Practice vocab while getting ready in the morning, have a conversation with yourself in the shower (nobody will know — we promise!), or doodle conjugation charts on your lunch break. Sitting in traffic? Listen to Greek music and practice singing along.

See? Almost any situation can be turned into a language-learning opportunity. There’s simply no excuse not to try.

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