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Classical Greek Language Courses

Specialized in GCSE exams

Classical Greek is an exciting subject that will help students develop their understanding of the classical Greek language, literature and culture through the study of original sources. Through the course students will develop the language skills to understand and interpret classical Greek, study prose and verse literature in the original language, and learn about the society and culture of ancient Greece. 

Studying classical Greek will enable students to:
• Develop linguistic skills that will deepen their understanding of language structure and the relationship between classical Greek and modern languages 
• Appreciate the breadth and depth of classical Greek literature
• Enhance their critical and analytical skills and independent thinking ability
• Develop insights into a culture that has inspired and shaped much of western civilisation
• Build foundations for further study in classics, but also in arts, humanities and sciences
Our course is open to English and Greek speaking students and is run remotely through a combination of live teaching and home learning.  We hope that the course will instil lifelong enthusiasm for the study of the classical world. 
Further information on the GCSE in classical Greek curriculum is available at: 

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