1. Accept that Greek is a weird language!
  2. Don’t try to improve everything!
  3. Read full sentences-speak in sentences!
  4. Keep calm and do not worry about grammar! Remember: even those who speak Greek fluently make grammatical mistakes.
  5. Learn phrases rather than single words!
  6. Don’t translate!When you want to create a Greek sentence, do not translate the words from your Mother tongue. The order of words is probably completely different and you will be both slow and incorrect by doing this. Instead, learn phrases and sentences so you don’t have to think about the words you are saying. It should be automatic.
  7. Study correct material!A common phrase that is incorrect is, “Practice makes perfect.” This is far from the truth. Practice only makes what you are practicing permanent. If you practice the incorrect sentence, you will have perfected saying the sentence incorrectly. Therefore, it is important that you study material that is commonly used by most people.
  8. Record your voice!we know – most people dislike hearing their voice recorded – but it’s actually an extremely beneficial way to improve your speaking! Hearing yourself on tape shows you things you might not realize . On the other hand, you could be pleasantly surprised to hear that your speaking is far better than you thought! For bonus points, take your recording to your teacher or to a native speaker friend and have them give you feedback.
  9. Slow down!A common problem among foreign language speakers can be to speak too quickly. It can be tempting to try and get our words out quickly but while it might feel good to get the words out, rushing your words can often lead to confusion and miscommunication. Instead of speaking quickly, slow down and keep what you say simple. To begin with it may make you sound slightly stiff or robotic, but if clear communication is your aim, then this will really help you. Over time and as you become more familiar with the language, try to speed up again to make your speech sound more natural.
  10. Have fun!Let’s face it. It’s far easier to learn something new when you’re having fun.

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