The more Greek you learn, the more you will realise how many English words have their origins in Greek. The Greek pronunciation can be completely different but the meaning can become clear when you begin to understand how Greek letters are transcribed into English. For example, the Greek Φ, φ is written as ph and Υ, υ as y. This can make some delightful surprises and can make you a popular member of quiz groups! Many scientific, medical and academic words come from the Greek, as you will see from the examples below:



ology           – ολογία      γυναικολογία gynaecology (from γυναίκα woman + λόγος word,


                                        καρδιολογία  cardiology  ( from καρδιά heart)


-phobia        -φοβία       αραχνοφοβία arachnophobia (from αράχνη spider + φόβος fear)

– mania        – μανία       μεγαλομανία megalomania (from μεγάλο big, great+ μανία


-cracy          -κρατία        δημοκρατία democracy (from δήμος the public + κράτος state)

-philo          -φιλο            φιλοσοφία   philosophy (from φίλος friend/ lover of + σοφία


-micro        -μικρο           μικροβιολογία microbiology (from μικρός small + βιολογία


– nano        – νανο           νανοτεχνολογία  nanotechnology (from νάνος dwarf + τεχνολογία



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