In every language, there are certain expressions and phrases that can’t be directly translated from one language to another because the meaning is different than what it appears.

For example, an idiomatic expression in English is, “What’s up?” We aren’t actually asking about what is literally above our heads. We want to know how the person is doing. There are expressions like this in Greek, as well, and it is worth becoming familiar with them.

  • κάτσε στ’αβγά σου ( sit on your eggs)= to stay univolved
  • βγήκα απ’τα ρούχα μου ( come out of my clothes)=to become enranged
  • τα κάνω άνω κάτω  ( make them upside down)=to make a mess
  • κάνει τη πάπια ( do the duck)=to not mention something to avoid getting in trouble for it
  • δεν ξέρω την τύφλα μου ( not know my blindness)=to be clueless 



Source: Greek Boston

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